The Greece is The Destination (GITD) initiative emerged from Energizing Greece’s successful journey. The vibrant vision of Energizing Greece alongside the overwhelming response to its campaigns and publications created enthusiasm and acted as a rallying cry which launched partnerships and built momentum around the central mission of highlighting development actions for Greece with dynamism, inspiration, vision, and perspective.

The core of GITD is Tourism; an industry that makes up a large share in the nation’s GDP and employs a huge number of personnel. Important sectors of the economy synergize and unite behind tourism, and create the potential for innovative development.

GITD brings its actions to the forefront with the Global T Action summit, where broad forces synergise to deliver innovative thought leadership and set the stage for the follow through execution.

How? By analyzing, processing and leveraging components. While these components contribute dynamically at an individual level, combined they have the potential to become an impressive performance multiplier.

Topics in T: Tourism, Transportation, Travel, Tours, Trips. They enter a new field of investigation, utilization and evaluation of all the direct and indirect forces of targeted development. Technology, Telecommunication, Transformation, Transition, Thrivation are goals and axes whose success directly impacts the Tourism industry and its supporting industries.

Chiefly however, it impacts the development potential which is driven by pioneering decisions, methodical planning, structured implementation and investments based on evolution, innovation, technological progress and the creation of a platform for upgrading the country.

In this effort, strengthening the sustainable development of the sectors that make Greece a unique destination is an important priority. The energy transition, the reduction of energy costs and of the environmental footprint, the energy transformation of Greece in accordance with the International mandate, the actions required to combat climate change, and the framework defined by the 4th industrial revolution, is not just a goal but also an investment criterion.

The priority of Energizing Greece is to document and highlight correlations of forces, to encourage the development of ties and the implementation of actions which will contribute to the international presence of Greece with a leadership profile which is also GITD’s priority.

This priority comes to GITD to take a decisive role in the overall vision as we move onwards from the call to the mapping of action, with the aim of pioneering at the International level and attracting visitors and investors, scientists and experts for each to play their part.

Above all, GITD serves its mission of developing and empowering participants. The priority is to inform and be informed is crucial. Combining their wealth of knowledge to improve their capabilities, to acquire new skills, to build relationships, to eliminate risks, and to build solid foundations of opportunities.

GITD functions on 6 main axes: The Sense of Greece Presentations, The Global T Action Meeting, The Global E Action Meeting, The Global A Action Meeting, The Greece is The Destination Celebration, The World Leaders Roundtables. They are strengthened by the support of visionaries and experts who have trodden remarkable paths, who will share their knowledge for the common goal.

With passion and optimism they present successful ventures, business conquests, strategies of the future, know-how, innovative efforts, pioneering achievements and investments that bring Greece into a development perspective of international scope. GITD sets the pace for this excellent association of experts to show and highlight paths and routes.

To take action, to promote tangible development and deepen the value of targeted innovation, through sustainable and inclusive development planning.

With seriousness and responsibility, it contributes to the creation of a platform, whose content is determined and defined by important driving forces of global progress.

The real world cases that highlight knowledge and best-in-class solutions and paradigms, satisfy the attendees who know and recognize development factors and data, which are so tangible that they acquire educational value.

It is important that during every moment of the Conference, in each of its axes, unparalleled depth and breadth of knowledge is being richly offered, satisfying the natural desire of participants to learn how they can succeed, elevate, and test themselves with the aim of leading Greece on a successful trajectory of development and prosperity.

The desire to strengthen Greece as a destination is sacred and eternal, as is its history, its culture, its civilization, its natural beauty and resources, and its geopolitical location.

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